PREP (Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program)

Program Activities

The PREP Scholars Program is designed to offer specific academic, cultural and social activities. Some of these activities will be completed in one academic quarter (10-12 weeks) and others will continue throughout the academic year or the entire Program. Scholars may take one graduate course per quarter. Throughout the year Scholars attend lunches, meetings, workshops and cultural events with other PREP Scholars, and are encouraged to attend seminars, data meetings, and a scientific conference with their lab group.

Early activites include orientation, lab rotations to choose a mentor (if necessary), self-assessments, and multiple workshops on topics such as GRE preparation, applying to graduate school, etc.

Fall Quarter includes lab research, travel to a national conference and the weekly Journal Club, which continues throughout the year.

Winter and Spring quarters include a writing course and an ethics course, and a final PREP Symposium in June. 

Alexandria Bobe (PREP class of 2012): “Support from the other PREP scholars, grad students, faculty, and PREP staff pointed me in the direction of success.”

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