PREP (Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program)

PREP Alum Spotlight

Daisy Castillo-Guzman (UChicago PREP Class of 2016) is currently pursuing her PhD at University of California, Davis and was recently awarded a prestigious NIH F31 Dissertation Fellowship!  Daisy’s research project title is “Uncovering Novel Roles for Splicing Factor SF3B1 in Transcription Dynamics, R-loop Metabolism, and Chromatin Structure” and her research is being performed in the Chedin Lab at UC Davis in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department.  Earlier this year, Daisy had the opportunity to present her research in a plenary talk at the 2020 Keystone Gene Regulation Meeting.  When Daisy started in her graduate program, she was first appointed to the UC Davis IMSD program and then to the MCB T32 training grant, before applying for and receiving her F31 grant.  Besides working on her dissertation research, Daisy enjoys volunteering in the Young Scientist Program (YSP), an outreach program that provides opportunities that enhance K-12 science education through interactive experiments and activities in the classroom.  She has also participated in the PREP program admissions committee at UC Davis, and each year gets the opportunity to talk to PREP Scholars about her experience in applying to graduate school and provides them with advice as they prepare to enter PhD programs.   Congratulations to Daisy on her Fellowship award and all her success so far in graduate school!

PREP Alum Graduates

Congrats to all of our UChicago PREP alums who have completed their advanced degrees! 

  • Arlise Andress, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Natasha Wadlington, PhD, University of Chicago 
  • Jennifer Howell-Stephens, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago 
  • Alexander Flowers, PharmD, Campbell University
  • Brandon Hatcher, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham 
  • Antonia Navarro, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Frank Aguilar, MD, Northwestern University
  • Marlene Brito, PhD, UCSD/Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Devon Collins, PhD, Rockefeller University 
  • Verleen McSween, PhD, Indiana University  
  • Nkechiyere Nwani, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Beatrice Monica Bowen, PhD, Yale University
  • Cyd Castro-Rojas, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Jesus Correa, MD, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Tristan Jordan, PhD, University of Chicago
  • Susana Bardina, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine 
  • Tiara Byrd, PhD, Baylor School of Medicine 
  • Lynda Ikejimba, PhD, Duke University
  • Essence Maston, PhD, Boston University
  • Vanessa Montoya, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Joselyn Allen, PhD, Pennsylvania State University 
  • Laurice Jackson-Flowers, PhD, Tufts University 
  • Raul Torres, PhD, University of California San Francisco
  • Francisco Velazquez, PhD, Harvard University
  • Alexandria Bobe, PhD, University of Chicago
  • Victor Cruz, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Morayo Adebiyi, PhD, University of Texas
  • Yaiyr Astudillo-Scalia, PhD, Arizona State University 
  • Samantha Nava, PhD, University of Texas
  • Leila Reyes Ruiz, PhD, University of Chicago 
  • Sybelle Serrano Santiago, MD, Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine
  • Natassia Buckridge, MD, University of Illinois 
  • Liz Garcia Peterson, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • Nathalia Torres Jimenez, PhD, University of Minnesota 
  • Victor Palacios, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Isabelle Lee, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Elizabeth Gichana, PhD, University of Michigan
  • Ogechi Nwadinobi, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington

If you are a PREP alum who has completed graduate school but is not listed, please email us at!

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